Terrace 2A
17:30 – 18:30h
Bioluminescence: chemistry, enzymatics, applications
Chairs: Ilia V. Yampolsky (RU) Yuichi Oba (JP)
New bioluminescence systems: luciferins, luciferases and luciferin biosynthesis pathways
Yampolsky, Ilia V. (Russia)
17:30h - 17:45h
Evolution of bioluminescence: origin of luciferins and luciferases
Oba, Yuichi (Japan)
17:45h - 18:00h
Visualizing the Biological Activity by Bioluminescence
Li, Minyong (China)
18:00h - 18:15h
Genetically encodable bioluminescent system from fungi and its applications in synthetic biology
Sarkisyan, Karen (Russia)
18:15h - 18:30h