South Hall 2B
15:30 – 17:30h
Chairs: Matthias Soller (UK) Stepanka Vanacova (CZ)
The dynamic epitranscriptome: Encoding the fate and function of mRNA with reversible nucleotide modifications
Jaffrey, Samie (United States of America)
15:30h - 15:55h
Deciphering the role of mRNA methylation in Drosophila sex determination and the nervous system
Soller, Matthias (United Kingdom)
15:55h - 16:20h
Role of the m6A epitranscriptome in gene regulation and cancer
Gregory, Richard (United States of America)
16:20h - 16:45h
Artificial Intelligence enables the detection of pathogens in complex biological matrices by mass spectrometric analysis of RNA modifications
Fabris, Dan (United States of America)
16:45h - 17:10h
Time-resolved RNA sequencing provides insights into the molecular basis of gene regulation
Ameres, Stefan (Austria)
17:10h - 17:35h