Hall 6
15:30 – 17:30h
Chromosome structure and segregation
Chairs: William C. Earnshaw (UK) Ondřej Seda (CZ)
New insights into mitotic chromosome structure and segregation
William Earnshaw
15:30h - 15:50h
A novel kinesin causes neocentromere activity and meiotic drive in maize
Kelly Dawe
15:50h - 16:10h
Using invadolysin as a paradigm to identify novel proteases essential for cell structure and function
Margarete Heck
16:10h - 16:30h
How kinetochore size affects chromosome segregation
Helder Maiato
16:30h - 16:50h
Chromosome reorganization during the cell cycle
Daniel Gerlich
16:50h - 17:10h