South Hall 2B
15:30 – 17:30h
Glycans in health and diseases II
Chairs: Anne Imberty (FR) Michaela Wimmerova (CZ)
Recombinant and engineered lectins for research and diagnostics
Imberty, Anne (France)
15:30h - 15:55h
Infinitely diverse world of natural antibodies
Bovin, Nicolai (Russia)
15:55h - 16:20h
Novel bacterial and fungal glycoconjugate vaccine candidates based on synthetic oligosaccharides.
Oscarson, Stefan (Ireland)
16:20h - 16:45h
In silico approach to deciphering the role of glycans in disease
Lisacek, Frederique (Switzerland)
16:45h - 17:10h
Carbohydrate-based Multivalent Inhibitors of Lectins from Pathogenic Microorganisms
Malinovska, Lenka (Czech Republic)
17:10h - 17:20h
Isomeric separation and analysis of anionic and zwitterionic N-glycans from royal jelly glycoproteins
Paschinger, Katharina (Austria)
17:20h - 17:30h