South Hall 2B
09:00 – 11:00h
Host-pathogen interactions I – plants
Chairs: Kenichi Tsuda (DE) Olga Valentova (CZ)
Transcriptome landscape of a bacterial pathogen under plant immunity
Tsuda, Kenichi (Germany)
09:00h - 09:25h
The role of SUMO in the nexus of growth and defence
Srivastava, Anjil (United Kingdom)
09:25h - 09:50h
How PRR signaling regulates immunity
Robatzek, Silke (Germany)
09:50h - 10:15h
Onset and maintenance of plant immune priming
Ton, Jurriaan (United Kingdom)
10:15h - 10:40h
The soap story: saponin aescin, both the antifungal agent and a potent inducer of plant immunity providing a broad-spectrum resistance
Trdá, Lucie (Czech Republic)
10:40h - 10:50h
New functions of plant nucleolar protein, fibrillarin in responses to virus infection and heat stress
Makhotenko, Antonida (Russia)
10:50h - 11:00h