Congress Hall
09:00 – 11:00h
Integrated structural biology for translational research
Chairs: Lucia Banci (IT) Lukáš Trantírek (CZ)
The NMR Contribution to describe Cellular Processes
Banci, Lucia (Italy)
09:00h - 09:20h
NMR spectroscopy of nucleic acids in human cells
Trantirek, Lukas (Czech Republic)
09:20h - 09:40h
Structure-functional insights into the N-terminal part of the human cardiac ryanodine receptor: towards a deeper understanding of heart arrhythmias.
Bauer, Jacob(Slovakia)
09:40h - 10:00h
Structural biology and the molecular mechanics of cell guidance signalling
Jones, E. Yvonne
10:00h - 10:20h
Fully Automated, Remote Controlled Protein to Structure Pipelines for Drug Desing
Marquez, Jose
10:20h - 10:40h