South Hall 2B
09:00 – 11:00h
Combinatorial approaches in chemistry and biology
Chairs: Alexander G. Gabibov (RU) Richard Lerner (US)
Combinatorial Antibody Libraries
Lerner, Richard (United States of America)
09:00h - 09:30h
From encoded combinatorial libraries to clinical-stage targeted therapeutics
Neri, Dario (Switzerland)
09:30h - 10:00h
Combinatorial approaches to study biodiversity
Gabibov, Alexandre (Russia)
10:00h - 10:30h
Mechanism-based antibiotic discovery platform
Osterman, Ilya A. (Russia)
10:30h - 10:45h
Development of protease-resistant peptide ligands for oral delivery
Kong, Xu-Dong (Switzerland)
10:45h - 11:00h