South Hall 2B
09:00 – 11:00h
Control of fundamental biological processes by N-terminal protein modifications
Chairs: Carmela Giglione (FR) Rafael Aldabe (ES)
Protein TAILS Tell Remarkable Tales: N-Terminomics Reveals the Proteolytic Landscape of Immunity
Overall, Christopher (Canada)
09:00h - 09:20h
Protein N terminal modifications: from Chemical Biology to drug discovery
Tate, Edward William (United Kingdom)
09:20h - 09:35h
Extending the N-end rule concept for Gly-starting proteins from protein half-life to subcellular compartmentalization
Meinnel, Thierry (France)
09:35h - 09:50h
Protein N-terminal acetylation: machinery and impact
Arnesen, Thomas (Norway)
09:50h - 10:05h
The N-end rule pathway mediates ER-phagy and ER protein quality control
Kwon, Yong Tae (South Korea)
10:05h - 10:20h
Reprogramming via conditional proteolysis – the dynamic proteome as a molecular switch
Dissmeyer, Nico (Germany)
10:20h - 10:35h
The N-end rule pathway of protein degradation in plants: a deletion with consequences
Bachmair, Andreas (Austria)
10:35h - 10:55h