South Hall 2A
09:00 – 11:00h
Stem cells epigenetics
Chairs: Eran Meshorer (IL) Eva Bartova (CZ)
H3.3 histone variant turnover dynamics in pluripotency and cancer
Meshorer, Eran (Israel)
09:00h - 09:25h
The epigenetic basis of neurodevelopmental disorders: advancing patient-specific disease modelling through single-cell deconvolution in brain organoids
Testa, Giuseppe (Italy)
09:25h - 09:50h
Molecular mechanisms governing cell differentiation and cancer processes
Di Croce, Luciano (Spain)
09:50h - 10:15h
DNA methylation in development and disease
Meissner, Alex (Germany)
10:15h - 10:40h
Assessement of the efficacy of TGF-β1 and Angiotensin II to induce cardiomyogenic differentiation of human amniotic fluid-derived mesenchymal stem cells
Gasiūnienė, Monika (Lithuania)
10:40h - 10:50h
Saturated fatty acid modulates gene expression program in neural stem cells during human embryonic cortical neurogenesis.
Ansari, Suraiya (United Arab Emirates)
10:50h - 11:00h