Speed Talks
South Hall 2A
17:30 – 18:30h
Biochemistry and Health
Chair: Michaela Wimmerová (CZ)
New approach for testing inhibitors of HIV-1 uncoating
Dostalkova Alžběta
17:30h - 17:35h
Unmasking the impact of methylphenidate on blood-brain barrier function: in vitro and animal studies
Coelho-Santos, Vanessa (Portugal)
17:35h - 17:40h
Alterations in mitochondrial multimeric dehydrogenase complexes in a cardiac model of Friedreich Ataxia
Purroy Lledós, Rosa (Spain)
17:40h - 17:45h
Mito-cytoplasmic translational balance in the regulation of longevity
Janssens, Georges (Netherlands)
17:45h - 17:50h
Recombinant lactic acid bacteria with chemokine-binding and antioxidant activity for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Berlec, Ales (Slovenia)
17:50h - 17:55h
Reconstructed antibodies from domain swapping for cancer therapy
Umetsu, Mitsuo (Japan)
17:55h - 18:00h
The Fibrogenic Activation Kinetics of Stromal Stem Cells in Three Different Skeletal Muscle Degeneration Models
ÖZDEMİR, Cansu (Turkey)
18:00h - 18:05h
Analysis of human serum glycoproteins by native chromatography and hybrid mass spectrometry approaches
Franc, Vojtech (Netherlands)
18:05h - 18:10h
Targeting nanoparticles to modulate mTOR activity in cancer cells
Lunov, Oleg (Czech Republic)
18:10h - 18:15h
The Lesson of Russian Part of Human Proteome Project: Transcriptome and Proteome Encoded by Chromosome 18
Ponomarenko, Elena (Russia)
18:15h - 18:20h
Structural basis of 14-3-3 protein-dependent interaction with human procaspase-2
Obsilova, Veronika (Czech Republic)
18:20h - 18:25h
Interaction of transcription factor TEAD1 with its DNA response elements originating from human genes
Lišková, Růžena (Czech Republic)
18:25h - 18:30h