South Hall 2A
09:00 – 11:00h
Emerging roles of noncoding RNAs
Chairs: Mary O´Connell (CZ) Stepanka Vanacova (CZ)
Deciphering a novel role of Adar in Drosophila development
O'Connell, Mary (Czech Republic)
09:00h - 09:25h
RNAi-directed epigenetic gene silencing
Buehler, Marc (Switzerland)
09:25h - 09:50h
Antisense (cryptic) lncRNA from yeast to human
Morillon, Antonin (France)
09:50h - 10:15h
Identification of proteins involved in the regulation of viral microRNA biogenesis
Pfeffer, Sébastien (France)
10:15h - 10:40h
Biogenesis of small non coding RNAs deriving from tRNAs
MARECHAL-DROUARD, Laurence (France)
10:40h - 10:50h
Characterization of HelD from Bacillus subtilis: structure and genome-wide effect on transcription
Sudzinová, Petra (Czech Republic)
10:50h - 11:00h