15:30 – 17:30h
Xenobiochemistry and drug metabolism
Chairs: F. Peter Guengerich (US) Vaclav Martínek (CZ)
Human Cytochrome P450 Enzymes: A Skin Retinol Desaturase and Redox Regulation of Multiple Enzymes in Drug Metabolism
Guengerich, F. Peter (United States of America)
15:30h - 15:55h
Dynamics and interactions of membrane-anchored cytochromes P450
Martínek, Václav (Czech Republic)
15:55h - 16:20h
A role of cytochrome b5 in CYP1A1-mediated oxidation of benzo[a]pyrene and other substrates
Stiborova, Marie (Czech Republic)
16:20h - 16:45h
Enzymatic oxidation of the plant constituent ellipticine determines its pharmacological and its anti-cancer activity
Frei, Eva (Germany)
16:45h - 17:10h
Biotechnological applications of cytochrome P450 enzymes
Munro, Andrew (United Kingdom)
17:10h - 17:35h