Speed Talks
17:30 – 18:30h
DNA - Genes - Cells
Chair: Jan Konvalinka (CZ)
Boundaries of Ultrabithorax gene regulatory domains
Ibragimov, Airat (Russia)
17:30h - 17:35h
Transcription complex assembly at the promoters of ribosomal protein genes
Zolotarev, Nikolay (Russia)
17:35h - 17:40h
Nuclear dynamics of the COMPASS subunit Spp1 prepares meiotic recombination sites for break formation
Székvölgyi, Lóránt (Hungary)
17:40h - 17:45h
Significance of poly(C)-binding proteins for pluripotent stem cells
Bakhmet, Evgenii (Russia)
17:45h - 17:50h
Rapid and reversible formation of protein foci in response to hyperosmotic shock reveals possible bi-phasic architecture of the cytoplasm
Alexandrov, Alexander I. (Russia)
17:50h - 17:55h
Dynamics of synaptic proteins in presynaptic boutons with single-molecule resolution.
Nosov, Georgii (Germany)
17:55h - 18:00h
UBC gene transcriptional induction under arsenite-triggered cellular stress: unraveling the trans-acting factors
Bianchi, Marzia (Italy)
18:00h - 18:05h
N-TerPred: A new tool suite for the prediction of protein N-terminal modifications and organelle transit-peptide cleavage sites.
Bienvenut, Willy V. (France)
18:05h - 18:10h
Barley response to Phytophthora from a proteomics perspective
Černý, Martin (Czech Republic)
18:10h - 18:15h