Terrace 2A
15:30 – 17:30h
Systems biology
Chairs: Thomas Höfer (DE) Pavel Martasek (CZ)
Encoding differential gene activation in non-equilibrium transcription cycles
Höfer, Thomas (Germany)
15:30h - 15:55h
Real-time metabolomics reveals the decision mechanism for cell division in E. coli
Sauer, Uwe (Switzerland)
15:55h - 16:20h
Executable Biology: From Mechanistic Insights to Therapeutic Applications in Cancer
Fisher, Jasmin (United Kingdom)
16:20h - 16:45h
Cell cycle regulation by systems-level feedback controls
Novak, Bela (United Kingdom)
16:45h - 17:10h
Knowing the Enemy: How does Pseudomonas aeruginosa regulate carbon flux through its glyoxylate shunt?
Dolan, Stephen (United Kingdom)
17:10h - 17:20h
The PlexinA downstream effector phosphoprotein Crmp2 is essential for zebrafish eye development
St. Clair, Riley (United States of America)
17:20h - 17:30h