Terrace 2A
09:00 – 11:00h
Chairs: Jana Hajšlová (CZ) Samia Mora (US)
OXI LIPIDOMICS: the messages we can collect by analysis of human plasma
Hajšlová, Jana (Czech republic)
09:00h - 09:25h
High-resolution lipid and lipoprotein phenotypes and clinical outcomes
Mora, Samia (United States of America)
09:25h - 09:50h
Skin Lipidomics – a versatile tool for translational research
Nicolaou, Anna (United Kingdom)
09:50h - 10:15h
Brown adipose tissue activity cannot explain different propensity to obesity in A/J versus B6 murine strains
Zouhar, Petr (Czech republic)
10:15h - 10:25h
N-acyl dopamines (NADA) require a certain cellular cholesterol level to induce cell death
Akimov, Mikhail (Russia)
10:25h - 10:35h