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General information on visa procedure in Czech Republic

Visitors from non-Schengen countries (listed here) must possess a passport valid for at least a three month stay, and possess a visa to travel to the Schengen Area. Participants are advised to locate their respective diplomatic missions or embassy. Czech offices aren’t available in all countries. In case there is no office available in your country of residence, it is necessary to either apply at an embassy representing the Czech Republic (listed here) or to travel to an assigned embassy in another country (listed here). It is not possible to obtain a visa upon arrival to Prague airport.

Please note that the visa procedure can take up to one month and the applicant needs to personally attend the interview and apply himself/herself. It is therefore strongly advised to start the application procedure as soon as possible.

to obtain the Invitation letter for VISA processing please contact the Congress Secretariat at febs2018@c-in.eu
To speed up the process the copy of your passport or following information is required: full name, address, date of birth, place of birth, passport number and expiry date, place of issue.   

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