Don't miss the January 21st deadline for the FEBS Young Scientists' Forum!

Apply now for this special opportunity for early-career researchers: a chance to take part in the 18th FEBS Young Scientists' Forum (YSF) as well as the FEBS Congress 2018, with participation supported by FEBS YSF grants.

The FEBS YSF enables selected postdocs and PhD students from across the FEBS area to present their scientific results, share experiences, discuss ideas and get to know each other in a friendly international atmosphere, before moving on to the ensuing larger Congress. In addition to presentations from the participants, there will be keynote lectures and a session devoted to advice and information on career-related issues.

We are pleased to announce that the opening lecture of the 18th FEBS YSF will be delivered by Prof. Eric Westhof from the University of Strasbourg, a distinguished scientist specializing in relationships between sequences, three-dimensional architectures, evolution and functions of RNA molecules. The title of his talk is ‘Translation control: the third genetic code’. Other confirmed keynote speakers are Arkaizt Carracedo, Spain (‘The complexity of cancer biology through the looking glass of metabolism’), Neta Regev-Rudzki, Israel (‘Malaria parasite networking’) and Hana Cahova, Czech Republic [‘How to find a needle in a haystack? (New types of RNA modification)’].

For a social programme, we have planned a boat trip with dinner and great views of Prague's old bridges.

Full details of the eligibility criteria for the 18th FEBS YSF and how to apply are on the YSF applications page. We look forward to receiving your applications!

18th YSF Organizing Committee


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