Congratulations to the FEBS Press poster prizewinners

Thank you for the wide range of excellent posters at FEBS 2018. In recognition of the contribution of posters to the event, FEBS Press journals awarded daily mini-prizes and, from these, announced overall winners at the Closing Ceremony.

From a shortlist of posters chosen by journal editors on the basis of submitted abstracts, a panel of jurors viewed the displayed posters and talked to the presenters. They looked for high-quality and exciting research presented in a clear and appealing manner. The overall winners selected by the journals were:

FEBS Letters
Rab3GAP-Rab18 module: a novel regulator of autolysosome maturation
PRESENTER: Szabolcs Takats (Hungary)

The FEBS Journal:
Cracking the code of N-myristoylation at structural and genome scales
PRESENTER: Cyril Dian (France)

FEBS Open Bio:
Structural studies of human superoxide dismutase (SOD1) with its metallochaperone
PRESENTER: Fernanda Sala (pictured; Brazil)

Molecular Oncology:
RAS activation at the Golgi Complex prevents tumourigenesis by inducing apoptosis
via PTPk-mediated inhibition of ERK activation
PRESENTER: Vincenzo Cappitelli (Spain)

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FEBS uses income from the journals to fund its diverse activities, including support for the FEBS Congress.