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Abstract Topics

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Abstracts on research from all areas of the molecular and cellular life sciences are welcome at FEBS 2018. However, authors must select one category out of the topics below that best describes the content of their abstract. Categories will be used for reviewing and indexing purposes.

Abstract topics

  1.  DNA, RNA and nucleotides
  2.  Chromosome structure and chromatin
  3.  Genome dynamics and epigenetics
  4.  The structural organization of the cell
  5.  Stem cells
  6.  Photosynthesis and plant biochemistry
  7.  Biotechnology
  8.  Host–pathogen interactions
  9.  Biochemistry and medicine
  10.  Cancer biology
  11.  Xenobiochemistry and drug metabolism
  12.  Gaseous molecules
  13.  Redox biochemistry and signalling
  14.  Biochemical processes at cellular membranes
  15.  Signalling through membranes and receptors
  16.  Extracellular matrix
  17.  Glycans
  18.  Protein – folding, dynamics, interaction and degradation
  19.  Structural biology
  20.  Systems biology
  21.  Synthetic biology
  22.  Computational biology
  23.  Structural bioinformatics
  24.  Omics technologies
  25.  Nanoworld
  26.  Chemistry of food and environment
  27.  Biochemical education
  28.  Miscellaneous

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